Wrecking Dad’s Car Started Long Ago

Phaeton, the son of the sun god  Apollo, received permission to drive the Sun chariot around Earth. Talk about “Don’t Spare the Horses”! Looks like he had some sporting chicks in the vehicle as well!

BUT – he was unable to control the chariot and risked incinerating the world.
Zeus was thus forced to kill him.

I’m glad the punishment became a bit milder in our day.

Come to think of it, we never did get punished. Never got caught, though I can’t imagine our folks didn’t have a shrewd idea of what was happening – at least an inkling. In the early days of illicit driving I used to drive the old blue kombi OHS 153 for a drive around our garden at 95 Stuart Street.

kombi2 like this one, but OHS 153

Round the circular driveway, down the Hector Street side of the house, down the steep bank to the big front lawn, round the willow tree and back. Back near the garages was the washing line and the kombi just fit under it. Except I’d forgotten about the airvent on the roof. It caught the wires and pulled down the washing line poles. Some feverish spadework got them more or less vertical again and the old blue kombi was parked back in its exact spot outside the garage.

Another time I reversed into the tap at the horse trough, the pipe broke and water sprayed out in a long arc. It was evening and the folks were out. Parking the kombi I hastened to the tap and straightened the downpipe, getting drenched in the freezing water – it was mid-winter. That caused less water to gush but there was still a very visible spout. Rushing down to the front gate I found the stopcock that turned off the main water supply. That fixed it and I went to bed before the folks got home. The next morning I rose very early and turned the stopcock back on. “Pipe must have frozen and burst last night” was the consensus at breakfast. Saved by Harrismith’s frigid winter weather!


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